Novel computing paradigms --- Toward the next generation

Computer architectures based on multiple-valued logic have been investigated in order to realize super-chips whose capability is beyond today's VLSI functionality. We have been developed a number of prototypes of multiple-valued integrated circuits since the beginning of our laboratory. Recently, these results attract great attention from industry. The concept of multiple-valued logic provides the possibility of overcoming limitations caused by scaling down the device dimensions.
Other basic research interests includes the theoretical and experimental investigations of molecular computing paradigm. A functional model of a basic bio-molecular switching device called an "enzyme transistor" has been proposed in our laboratory and implemented using electrode devices. We are exploring the possibility of creating massively parallel molecular computers that are completely free-from wiring problems.
Multiple-valued logic LSI for radix-4 signed-digit arithmetic
Multiple-valued logic LSI for radix-4 signed-digit arithmetic.

Enzyme Transistor Enzyme Transistor
Model of bio-molecular switching device "Enzyme Transistor".