Introduction to Aoki Laboratory

This laboratory focuses on the research and education of high-performance computing architectures and their application to image/video signal processing.

1. Challenges toward new computing paradigms

We are studying high-performance VLSI computing structures as a key technology for creating a ubiquitous network society. Our interests include high-performance hardware/software design, parallel computing, fault-tolerant computing, and beyond-binary logic systems. We are also interested in new computing paradigms such as soft computing and molecular computing.

2. Electronic Design Automation (EDA)

VLSI design technologies have become critically important to address the "design productivity crisis" due to rapid increase in chip complexity. We are studying advanced methodologies for system description, verification and synthesis using high-level languages, as well as a method for creating hardware structures using evolutionary computation.

3. Multimedia signal processing

We are also active in the area of image/video signal processing. We have carried out strategic research on computer vision and biometrics security applications in collaboration with industrial partners. We are also studying video compression, languages for parallel signal processing, and new signal processing algorithms inspired by biological pattern formation.
Molecular Computing IC ARITH
Fig. 1: A prototype of a molecular computing IC. Fig. 2: Advanced system design flow using the arithmetic description language "ARITH".
Fig. 3: Bio-inspired pattern formation using digital reaction-diffusion system (DRDS).

Contact: Takafumi Aoki
Address: Graduate School of Information Sciences, Tohoku University
Aoba05, Aramaki, Aoba-ku, Sendai 980-8579, Japan
TEL: + 81-22-217-7168
FAX: + 81-22-263-9406

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