This project is one of the research activities in Aoki laboratory, Tohoku University.
We are conducting research to develop advanced cryptographic hardware and to investigate their vulnerability against side-channel attacks.


Contact information

TEL: +81-22-795-7169
FAX: +81-22-263-9308

Update history

  • 2012/MAY/9
  • On-chip glitchy-clock generator is added to IP cores .

  • 2011/OCT/17
  • is added.

  • 2009/SEP/15
  • Academic publications are updated.

  • 2008/OCT/02
  • Academic publications are updated.

  • 2008/AUG/20
  • Academic publications are updated.

  • 2008/JUN/02
  • Academic publications are updated.

  • 2008/APR/07
  • A code for RSA processor with the Montgomery multiplier is added to IP Cores.

  • 2008/JAN/25
  • Academic publications are updated.

  • 2008/JAN/12
  • is fixed.

  • 2007/DEC/17
  • Web page on Side-channel Attack Standard Evaluation Board (SASEBO) is uploaded.

  • 2007/NOV/28
  • Academic Publications is updated.

  • 2007/OCT/04
  • Fixes in AES_Comp.v and CAST128.v

  • 2007/SEP/25
  • HDL codes and specification documents are updated in IP Cores.

  • 2007/SEP/19
  • AES2.v, AES_TB2.v are updated. A new specification document (AESSpec2007Sep14.pdf) is added to IP Cores.

  • 2007/SEP/07
  • New codes (TDEA.v, TDEA_tb.v) are added to IP Cores. New specification documents (DESSpec2007Sep05.pdf, TDEASpec2007Sep05.pdf) are added to IP Cores. Some codes (DES_ECB.v, DES_TB.v) are updated. Academic Publications is updated.

  • 2007/AUG/07
  • New codes (AES2.v, AES_TB2.v, are added to IP Cores. Academic Publications is updated.

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